That’s one way to rock the vote.

An asteroid with a diameter the size of a refrigerator could strike the Earth the day before the November election, according to celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson — but it’s not large enough to do any serious damage.

Tyson’s prediction comes just nine months before the presidential election for president of the United States, which for all financial and ideological reasons is the most important vote cast in the blessed country. Tyson said the next major asteroid will pass right by the Earth, and the asteroid that was predicted may have been half a mile wide, and accurately predicted as half that size, no more.

"Atheists cannot legislate morality," Tyson said. "No group of people would have the capacity to do anything on that scale."

Tyson said there is one common assumption deniers of a vast asteroid impact in North America would make: "We have to cancel the upcoming presidential election."

This vision is false, Tyson said. "If you look at the maps of the Red Planet, you will see the Earth is pretty close to the center of the wider-than-Earth neighborhood around Mars." There is plenty of space to maneuver the asteroid into Earth — making the upcoming election, or especially Romney vs. Obama, a moot point.

The school of thought that attempts to pack a huge impact into a single night doesn't really match the facts either. There are thousands and thousands of mountains along the eastern seaboard, and they wouldn't all be struck by a 1,000 ft asteroid the size of a refrigerator that day. There are also airstrips and gold and precious metals and ships that people will use to move on with their lives.

Tyson currently makes an average of $5 million per talk, according to a Forbes profile. He has discussed everything from genetic engineering to science fiction to just about anything with a microphone except doing the ol' census. The trip didn't really get serious until around 2013 with teaching a course on prize sprinters…sort of.

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