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(Note: A previous version of this story increased the amount of Ebola cases than the number expected. The new story correctly reflects Ebola case counts in Sierra Leone.)

Sierra Leone's efforts to isolate and prevent Ebola have met strong resistance, with more infections and deaths, virus experts said Wednesday.

In Annanville, the city most affected by Ebola, 39 people were found to have at least one Ebola case, up from 28 the previous morning, droveer Polzi Zaharie said Wednesday.

Father Joseph, a hectoring imam in the small village of Godbole, 3.5 miles northwest of Annanville, shouted "Where have you been Godbilly? Let's declare war!"

The Annanville mayor, Oumar Ngobeni has called for people not to bury the dead as well as to segregate those who have been admitted to hospital.

Ebola victims stop at dawn to wash and bathe at the Besaka clinic in Kwara, Sierra Leone (Gabriela Demczuk for Al Jazeera America).

"This is a super-serious problem, and should start motivating people to the level of performance," said Orin Obousy, an international leaders-level official for the World Bank, at a meeting hosted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Brussels.

Ebola cases in Sierra Leone hit 10 Aug

The World Health Organization declared a period of severe outbreak response, in which all Sierra Leonean nationals (except UN staff) are to be evacuated from areas with major cases of Ebola in order to tackle high rates of hospitalizations, as well as high case mortality rates.

More than 2,344 other people were infected by other infections alone, and committed to isolation.

Ebola is endemic to West Africa and has affected more than 10,614 people so far this year. Greater regional collaboration must use quality rather than quantity of work, WHO director general Dr. Margaret Chan said Wednesday.

In recent interviews, from early June to mid-August, top United Nations officials expressed concern that local debris from somebody's burial could transmit the viral hemorrhagic fever to others. In addition