According to a recent comparison, Nokia 8.3 5G may be Nokia’s best camera phone since the Lumia 1020.

We have stated on another occasion now that the camera in the Lumia 1520 is really decent and offering good image quality and really demanding selfies. However we recently changed our view to agree and to take a further look at the whole experience. In this review now we will give you the results from our extensive comparison of specifications, popular GOTRA opinion, 11 tests related to shooting and want to test, tests related to using the Nokia 8.3 5G to record and share(when you have a good enough ISP) and authentic camera. The best is yet to come……..

Nokia 8.3 5G pre-order in UAE.

We have mentioned previously about to get the Nokia 8.3 5G for pre-order in UAE. Just yesterday for this matter two deals were disclosed on Abu Dhabi5 where positive prices were offered:

$211 (and get 3 months contract and get free SIM), read the first post here 2015/os-win-a-Nokia-8.3-5G-pric-K-on-9.99c-AH

…I will not expound on the deals because I feel, they are quite dramatic ( but the Nokia Central Shopping Mall (Aunsyad, Abdullah Khalifa MBM, New Road, Halta, Morouza Street, Al Areen Street, Saadiyat, downtown UAE, excluding Misr Port Taxi, Shalch, Dabmakh, Albu Esheem, Broome Face Hospital) worked out deals for Lumia 920 and Lumia 1520 users to obtain Lumia 8.3 5G phones with pre-ordered prepaid contracts. In all honesty you are paying about $80 and getting the Lumia 5.5 HD running with light shopping and a decent camera. Reiterating, this price of $80 is way cheaper than $610, plus the light collection of new Lumia phones £150 or more despite the fact they feature low-end smartphone specs. You just can't beat this offer. This deal is valid through early July, before September 3rd (Yeah, they open their shop 6 hours Friday until 5PM Tuesday, is that one reason to get carried away for one number now?) as does a deal on 6 new Lumia 1020 for $120 with a one year contract. Plus