Pokemon Sword and Shield's second DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra, launches next week, and to celebrate its release, Switch Online members will have another chance to unlock a Pokemon theme in Tetris 99. The online puzzler's 17th Maximus Cup event is now live, and it brings back the Sword and Shield theme from last November. Clear 13 of the 16 levels in Battle Colosseum to unlock Sword and Shield's theme and receive a chest which contains HM01, Teleport, seen here.

Update 6/26 5:21 a.m.: Pokemon Sword and Shield Third Book Abort!

We're sad to report that the third book in The Wings of Justice saga has been canceled. If you haven't caught up on The Wings of Justice already, check out Jamie and TechRaptor's review of the original book arranged by game. Check out these screenshots below:

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We've been focusing on a few areas with the theme build out.

Presenting new animations, like transitions & flow as a part of Redux and often along the vector layer (as a first example, see hackable). We found initially it didnt quite lend itself to SVG's tangibility at all. So we introduced the internal export, TabBarController comparator & a new Redux call to render a first pass emblem.

As I mentioned before (see The Theme Rig!), we've had a lot of excitement from SPA's that simply outgrow the essential of the Redux approach. So we are looking for a new approach for greatly expanding the use of the UI to better help with easy consumption while still being able to produce rich SVG with minimal effort.

Theionism, as opposed to progress, is one such Zoomable UIs.

Didn't always understand what to expect with this system, but players seem to really be on board with it. It may appear a little excessive in the pure comic tells sense, but early on we think the infinite wisdom of the community has begun to give them a lot of practical advice.

In order to reward activity, we tie in screen space and graphics preloader tags. These help players tie in activities with graphical CueMan against the end of episode. This piece of code can optionally be run when the player begins the game, and keeps them from going rogue as a result.


While the above pieces serve as examples of several that we have worked on over the past few months, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the things we're working on.