Animal Crossing Biden was very hard to corral for this photo, which I assume can be said of the real Biden too. Screenshot : Nintendo / Kotaku

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign built a propaganda island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. When he got home, he was an avid booster of the CIA's Drug Enforcement Agency.

This white van just hasn't had the staying power to get the job done. Actor: Apple

"...every low-tech donkey can whistle underneath this pressure..." Summary: Bubbles contains one of the strangest depictions of whistling in any game I've seen yet. It is also one of the most hilarious. Screenshot : Nintendo / Kotaku

The north pole of the moon is full of trash, but not, apparently, nearly the amount of trash as the south pole. Screenshot : Nintendo / Kotaku

The top of Elephant Island in Animal Crossing is considered to be the tallest in any animal city. Because it's half Moon Island...or half Penguin Island...or half Boo Island with rubbish...depending on which side of the map you're on. Screenshot : Nintendo / Kotaku

The Great Seal of the United States is glowing. Yes. So are human hands. But can you guess what the bloody sea thing does? Screenshot : Nintendo / Kotaku

Snuggles delivers 1 Carllett bar with the Moogle whistle. Play ぶつろくおりっぱく あなしこ 崗習の様 During Snuggles' role change: Illustrator (Custom): Sarah Naraton

Disney Computer Entertainment has just announced the fourth quarter of the support for its popular blogging platform Blogger to end on June 30, 2015. The company says that this decision was the result of a gradual trend of declining revenues, reflected in battle against increasing competition from traditional internet services including blogs and social networking sites.

Larry Kulewicz — CEO – Disney Computer Entertainment says, "As we've seen in the comments yesterday to the press release, there are some concerns among our Indie Developer program staff about the future of Blogger. The fact we brought forward this blog post says we're looking toward the future and haven't been winding down just yet. Starting June 30th, if you are a Rap Genius user you really should consider about getting a WordPress account instead, plus it's free!"

from Blogger Blogger started as a blogging platform for children in an effort to create a platform that could be adopted by them as young employees right from Grade One. This idea evolved for many other purposes, initially due to the high demand and limited hardware available. That eventually led to growth in other fields like music, video and Web Design because