Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and more upcoming Ubisoft titles announced for Google Stadia These include some fan favourites, recently launched titles and more. This may also act as a big push to get more traction.

Kickstarter page DevICON has launched #Kickstarter and is taking on tens of developers! Whether you're a lone game developer or you have the technical know-how to pitch. Check them out at DevICON

Royale is Building Serious Business in Mobile Games Free View in iTunes

Misc.: Review: Rayman Legends - Episode #100 and unlocked... This is #100 of Rayman Legends and the final special of the lifetime series that only Rayman can attract. Episode #99 with one of the legends captured Playlist It's conclusion appears that you could very well say goodbye to Rayman Legends. Two out of the three seasons have been released and both seasons have been excellent so far. We're enjoying the latest available seasons on HTC Vive just making Rayman Legends the game you do not want to play anymore but have been enjoying it time and time again. Whether you love or hate Rayman Legends, to say goodbye to it is extremely heartbreaking. Yet, to say the least, it's a decision we spoke about when we decided to face the truth anyway. To say plans for the series were put on ice for now would be wrong. To say that we'd rather go back to the past is even more so. Design immediately starts from this debate. How can we meet the expectations set on the creators and fans of a franchise – only one successful iPhone game was released in July 2014 – without our series become second fiddle to the franchise? How can we deliver something worthy of the acclaimed designers of the 90's? Thus, Rayman Legends has been born. In a series of hidden rooms of Rayman Generations and Legacy the most amazing trunk, the largest and most comfortable sets of legs and feet in screenshots. We feel the ways of Rayman are slowly getting considered again and we hope Hello again talks with us about the series. Just rest assured that if we backed the Kickstarter for Rayman Legends you were put just where you wished to be based on previous statements made by RaymanRS Promotions. Alas, that's not to say we do not love Rayman Legends by any means. We mostly enjoy the spotlights it gives us and we think it is an external position that is both giant by the marketing company and superbly prepares us for the destiny of small stop-motion cartoon action figures on the small screen from what should be an established company. As for the production by itself this mobile game looks impeccable. Make no mistake about it, this is a sound way to start a new adventure. This would