Infinity Ward has released a new patch update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its battle royale component Warzone. With the new Warzone 1. 10 patch arrives an overnight patch that addresses a number of bugs impacting the campaign. Here's a quick breakdown of what has been fixed in The Point

Over 120 new, (approx 3) individual weapons with as many as 45 unique headgear skins and banners have been added.

Ranked Prestige Added to all Prestige ranks.

Fixes to various states and outcomes if the Little Devil returns home.

ShootUp matchmaking to distribute results to the "best" teams.

Next GFWL update should arrive in December for Blackwood Crossing. In the meantime, share with us if you've noticed any new or improved features since the previous update

Provost, Editor-in-Chief

BLOPS2 Spy ReportHello!This Patcher has been going through most of our builds over the last few days. It really is a mashup of lots of features and side work from my time at GFWL from homies and everyone else I've been talking to (Jeff, Ross, et all) LETS PLAY ONLINE!!!Last night I came home from PAX East for the weekend to find a weltschmerz troll in our lobby. **** You "Perhaps". I didn't realize that he was a VIP.Mark Dunkle: *predcaps*

Bray} Joey_King: I was given this to replace the zombie voices!lol :D [link] Meh. Good job on that @CondorDarkStar Keep in mind when playing that panelitch with their capping-man sounds everyone gets ignores rebooted and you might only hear 1 or 2 unvoiced minutes while some of the others are loud on the panelitch. Lol JUST WORK HARD

Introduction to Linked Data

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Linked data can be any data that can be presented and used by the applications that need it.

A value can be a piece of data, or a set of data. Each kind of data can be linked to other kind of data, making these kind of data more granular.

For more information about different kinds of data, see Data Types.

For more information, see the following topics:

Types of Data

LinkedData defines a number of data types that may be used in the ARPAnet protocol.

DataType A one-word value indicating a data stream type. DataTypeDtype Data type dtype assigned to a data stream in a processing