We're expecting to see a multitude of Black Friday iPad deals in the coming weeks. However, if you need a tablet asap, now's a pretty amazing time to make a purchase. Granted, there's bound to be some discernment until the deluge of deals for the next 24 hours subsides, but if you do your research, you'll likely be able to pick up a pretty respectable iPad deal.

Apple iPad Pros

The first section of the UK Apple Store Black Friday deals list is dedicated to the iPad Pros. Add-ons like a Lightning-connected stand or Touch ID are available, with the iPad Pro costs falling around £449 or less.

These extra items are on sale on a variety of categories, ranging from apps to accessories and education. The sets don't include specific storage capacity, but you'll be able to fill out you storage needs with up to 32GB via the expanded 16GB options of the Air 2.

Admittedly, the 29Wh iPad Pro running iOS 10 seems like a sensible buy, delivering strength to this iPad for sure. But be sure to take advantage of all the deals spread over online Apple Stores. We'll keep a close eye on what's on offer and update this post with any new deals as they're announced.

With the arrival of iOS 11, iOS 10 will no longer warrant a separate 32GB device. This means it's going to be difficult to sell an iPad Pro at lifesteal price. Ars Technica have a few pros and cons to keep in mind if you're going to do business with Apple, which has no price protection to be had from the iPad Store.

Black Friday iPad deals 2019: everything you need to know about the new iPhones.

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