Freshworks, the customer and employee engagement company that offers a range of products, from call center and customer support software to HR tools and marketing automation services, today announced the launch of its newest product: Freshworks CRM. The new service, which the company built on top of its new Freshworks Neo platform, is meant to give sales and marketing teams all of the tools they need to get a better view of their customers -- with a bit of machine learning thrown in for better predictions.

Freshworks CRM will be available for free at the end of February, though the company said it expects to reach a quarter million customers at first. It will be offered as a pack of Standalone Sales and Marketing CRM, Sales Management CRM, Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Lead Statistics and Analytics.

Freshworks CRM, a standalone product, makes use of both OpenGraph and Salesforce APIs to log in, reduce analytic functions with trigger-based access level customization, and centralize sales and marketing activities across a sales and marketing team. It aims to give leaders a framework to return to and simplify, even for smaller teams.

Personalized insights

From the backend, Freshworks CRM uses Horse Sales and Marketing, a custom data integration solution within Freshworks, as a way to extract insights from all sources of data, including employee activity, support requests, sales activity, marketing activity, CRM activity, and even macro data like sales and marketing budgets across a broader set of companies and markets. For each example, Freshworks breaks things down by 1-250 different CRM events per year and stores every entity in its data warehouse.

Freshworks Human Data Manager uses Yelp to pull natural language recordings from its own data to provide insights about people's approach to different activities. For example, if a customer points out an issue to a Sales and Marketing Lead, Freshworks CRM can build a job list based on the input. Then, with additional parameters from the customer, it can build a detailed Analytics Engagement Model. It also goes one better with additional tags to lead to action – such as "Promise Mkt" and "Draw Support."

The above examples look bad, and they are. The reality is juicy. The Business of Software may be more about what a business can use to enhance customers' lives, treating the customer as a valuable participant. Freshworks approach should help drive new insights because productized, completely separate business workflows and frameworks give companies an opportunity to improve everything from customer engagement through to billing and promotions.

Office consultation

The structure of Freshworks CRM means a significant amount of automation to drive analytics for marketing leads. However, there's another aspect of the lean software playing a key role in this new service: team collaboration.

The new CRM, which you can get access to now via an Office 365 account, does more than automating IT and Salesforce, though. It's still available as a stand-alone 2012 version,