The Samsung Galaxy F series made its debut in India earlier this month with the Galaxy F41. The new series will have another device soon in the market as Samsung is now working on another F series device. Indian reports are suggesting that the next Samsung F series smartphone will be the Samsung Galaxy Express, which is Flashingly a cheaper smartphone and will feature a quad-core 1.4GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

We are yet to confirm the details, but the handset powered by the latest Marvell processor will surely come in all capacities, if the reports are to be believed.

We have also received reports that the device comes with a Full HD 5.2-inch display with 2048 x 1536 resolution and will spare battery life company, so according to reports usage time that over 24 hours and 2-3 days is what a battery life would last.

An official statement released by the retailer and chipset manufacturer will be coming in choat shortly. Its worth mentioning that we have received no confirmation that the device is the Galaxy F41 in India, that is also not with the information we have received. We have contacted ex-Samsung India, but we have not received any official word from them.

Photo Credit: @son7f7

Going by the latest reports across the net that we have got from various sources, it isn't confirmed that the new Marvell chipset would be powering the next Samsung F series smartphone. Despite all the various reports, we still don't have word on when Samsung is expected to launch its next smartphone.

Thereafter, what are your views on this matter? Are you looking forward to the next Samsung F series smartphone?

The mere start of the next NHL season will be followed with a thorough evaluation.

If the 2014-15 campaign earns the stakes for the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, then every momentum counts. Every pitfall that could derail an upcoming playoff push must be stressed. The weeks in between one, two and three United States Hockey League seasons could play a pivotal role, whether it were for recognition as a successful season, rating the hopes or opinions of a fanbase or revealing who has solidified himself as one of the top American prospects on the pre-draft boards.

Battle For The Gold Starts Wednesday

Mutual trust was attained in Milwaukee's high command after Kyle Beach's bitter end to a three game trip to Laval, Quebec, just weeks before the season started.

The rebuilding process has reached an important stage in Milwaukee's quest for the best hockey on American ice. Obviously, it's late in the August season when the window closes to sign or retain players. Or maybe, just as commonly, there is still