Freshworks, the customer and employee engagement company that offers a range of products, from call center and customer support software to HR tools and marketing automation services, today announced the launch of its newest product: Freshworks CRM. The new service, which the company built on top of its new Freshworks Neo platform, is meant to give sales and marketing teams all of the tools they need to get a better view of their customers -- with a bit of machine learning thrown in for better predictions. Freshworks helped build TheStyleCVR's measurement platform, Tag Cloud, and enlist, train, and deploy this electric curation system. (Find out what features TheStyleCVR could use to bolster engagement!)

That a technologist built the engine that brought in a handful of other companies for customer Fab Massachusetts is particular motivational sauce, but Freshworks is as smart as it is kick-ass. Its Oscar Award-winning CEO Andy Halpern (founded Freshpal in 2013, pivoted to Freshworks in 2013, and backed the idea from it his OpenMRS team). Director of product, Andy Gobel (admired by Freshworks' coworker James and OpenMRS as the "hero angel" of the product's development). Senior product manager and multi-season campus Consuelo Vidal, who is part of Freshworks' new CRM team that will continue to expand their reach beyond the sales and marketing organizations of Freshworks (they even spoke at her LinkedIn launch party).

While Freshworks CRM may seem like a mid-to-large business-intelligence software that's been jammed into the Salesforce driven analytics bed of a small agile-programming shop, it's a "freemium" product that's easy to install and works immediately with a small subscription and an ongoing data-correlating plan (as opposed to a license for the full product).

Customer Fab Massachusetts signed up as a free user in the first 90 days and moved 1,000 percent in the right direction compared with what Freshbooks has done already. In three months, they grew from 100 active users to over 80,000. "Without Freshbooks and Freshworks CRM, Customer Fab Massachusetts might not now have those additional four million," says CEO Andy Halpern. "So we liked the idea of building on top of Freshworks…and it suddenly struck us," he says. "What if we could provide the same things people see on the Freshworks platform, and maybe provide some data science capabilities on top?"

Rodney Hall, the CEO of Smiling Bear Ventures made a similar claim during the first Freshworks meet-up. Freshworks revolutionized calling and customer engagement at Madison Square Garden the old-fashioned way by sweeping employees into positions to invest in tactics that were rarely seen at the time. Hall believed that Freshworks could be an equally powerful tool for analytics, but didn't have the corporate support needed to launch in a financial and HR/legal environment. Galump's expertise