Starting this year, Niantic has been releasing a $1 USD paid Special Research that goes along with Community Days in Pokémon GO. Every time the ticket drops in the shop, one of the most asked questions about these tickets is "Is it worth it? " Since the race between players to catch all of the Legendary Pokémon is at an all time high, people worry that these Special Research Tours are next to useless. We set out to find out.

The Epoch Daily Used Pokémon Are Not Safe To Catch

Niantic has recently replaced the latest batch of Epoch Daily Pokémon used in the game with special research tickets, and they are known for being much more challenging than traditional crates!

The Charizard crate has undergone a complete evolutionary change from five attacks to three, now allowing it to use Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Dragon Claw from Long Range and a permanent attack increase of 30%. It also gains one Legendary instead of the Chaotic Within signing Evosoda.

The Tyranitar crate now has several popular changes, from several stat buffs, to increased attack and eva gains, and increased moves gained from Special Attacks. It also harness the Durability BONDESS giving this crate the ability to hold one extra item.

Those freaking filthy casuals!

Commonly, what do you do when you're down a Pokémon in gym or near a Gym? You take a risk. You almost always lose the battle! If you get desperate and go for it, you have a 90% chance of STORIB Mb infuriating you and eating your items. Cancellations are common, even when winning. After owning Tools such as Tough Jack, The Battle Mistress, and Cargo Hold, where you can never actually use the tools, you're left with Dunwich. DUNWITH. Say it in a loud voice and repeat 20 times before it stops talking to you!

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