Nintendo wants to pull the plug on politics in its popular video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."

The popular game for the Nintendo Switch just got a special holiday update with new winter weather features and special in-game events tied to Turkey Day (Nov. 22), Halloween, and Star Wars Day (Nov. 18). The game takes place in the Splashville town in Woodstock, Illinois.

The update also adds voice recognition capabilities for requests and separate alerts.

The news follows the controversy of Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima calling Donald Trump a "demagogue" and refusing to personally respond. Kimishima also often accuses consumers of "shifting their allegiance to the opposite political party."

Nintendo has acknowledged that the company's iPhone app store lists games and projects under the "Animal Crossing" name that do not even exist.

"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" also released the only collectible app in "Animal Crossing" before the release of the original "Animal Crossing" on the NES. The game sold over 27 million copies and become the "Most Popular Games in American Wii U."

Many political observers think Nintendo will eventually attempt to unify the company and jointly operate its many franchises, after the "Mario Company" was acquired in 2001.

However, then-CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi described the deal as "very bad for our company."

Key Features include:

Tabletop Transport

Craft accurately scaled turrets, towers, and fortifications easily-systematically yet with stunning 2D graphics that play great on your TV. From a personal stash of top-of-the-line miniatures, to a Dungeons & Dragons game, models are available to assemble, play with, and sell online or via mail-order.

Analog Fabrication

Although plastic projects will be available for purchase, (including drones, cars, spacecraft, and game pieces) these won't be digital duplicates of your constructed models!

Consistent Quality

Made using the same high-quality 1/8th" Hobby Green parts and intricate fabrications the process of building your traps, fortifications, armor and furniture will be the same year after year, not the modeling road to success.

Even More Value

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