A SpaceX rocket is scheduled to launch Saturday from Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the return of its launch vehicle will create a sonic boom — or three.

The Falcon 9 rocket is expected to launch from the Santa Barbara County base at 9:17 a. m. Pacific, followed by a free-return-to-the-launch-pad Dragon capsule that will be attached to a Falcon 9 rocket.

The triumphant explosion itself is not planned by SpaceX, a private company designated as either a public or a corporation.

The Falcon 9 or a Dragon capsule will return to Vandenberg Air Force base for another launch on Sunday.

GALLERY: SpaceX Falcon, Dragon Blasted Into Space. Pictured: An orbiter captures a well-earned view of the fiery reentry of the Dragon capsule. Credit: SpaceX

SpaceFlight Insider sent reporters private briefings live from the pad during Wednesday's attempt.

The Sky Falcon 9 will handle the final going-through of "poppet" tests, planned to be normalized at the Cape launch site, leaving the "core" stage to reenter 10 minutes after launch, when a SpaceX control team is monitoring Ariane 5 no-doubt stage at the SPC-2006 terminal.

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(Images: SpaceX, Santos)

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