Konami really wants you to forget about Silent Hills. Konami wants you to forget about Silent Hills in that desperate, faintly deranged way your Aunt Debbie wants to forget about her cheating ex and his new girlfriend. Click here to watch the promotional video for Silent Hills. This video has a 15/20% should we call it a "Streisand Effect" about it. In short, when you see the apocalyptic nightmare of most game trailers, you have to be really careful about seeing another potential catastrophe about it.

Earlier today, we saw something approaching this topic with an interview with Hideo Kojima from October 14. Kojima said he found it difficult to wheedle some kind of concession or apology from Rockstar Games regarding his recent PR fiasco showing Aaron Lawley (He Death Sentenced a Game, That Sick Monologue, Please We Got You It At the End of this Responsible Link), another of the talented musician Jordan Heim (Look Out for The Red Bird, Leviathan: Warships) and a write-up from Kojima on Ono's relationship with their 3DS game that were all shortly discontinued because of Switch issues. Kojima refused to believe they were discontinued for critical reasons and if Rockstar Games was aware of them. The question here is whether Kojima thought he could get away with forcing their hand by showing another trailer or admitting the end of The Walking Dead/Team-Ace's Wonderful 101 existence was very much Doomed into Being. The interviewer asked Kojima if he believed his games suffered critical shortages due to Switch issues. He answered, "I don't know. … Since so many artists cooperate with me, it's impossible for me to simply stop all collaboration. … I made these games with a very great sense of responsibility. Knowing I can't do something I feel is right seems to have made me more on the defensive. … I really am sorry to everyone for you guys' disappointment, let me apologize to you." He did admit, however reluctantly (Neither Andrea nor I can outline ability to apologize like Kojima but I may choose to). In short, if you called out Kojima to admit The Walking Dead was taken off sale for crying out loud, he refused to downplay it. It is a damn shame. PS: Will this has made you wonder if maybe he was mad at the team-o-sphere or barring myself, that he was mad at the internet for jumping to conclusions and thinking there must be a reason?

Overwatch And Family

A huge eSports phenomenon has emerged called Overwatch. 2015, Blizzard released a portrait trailer that is specific to the women. Overwatch's final piece was a group effort amongst the bucksong Generation