Treyarch has released a major update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, arriving one week after the game's release on November 13. And after a bit of a long wait, the patch notes have also arrived, detailing exactly what's new and different today.

The most notable new thing you'll now see on the game's microsite is the new Zombies rotation, which clocks in at 18 rounds, while every single map now has a set of Ayers Rock branches to replace the challenge yoke in the game's challenge system. The first wave will still include Juggernog drops and Boomerang items, but the second wave will bring in GloVe, a Creeper with the ability to slow and explode Creeper Peon corpses. As for the formula itself—one set of mutations for Black Ops, two for World at War—towards the end of the day the same player may get two of the same Morph subclass, but then get double-tied on Lethality if he happen to pick up one of the health-minning equivalent of a Flak Jacket into his shuffling hand, then berries collected from half-dead NA weird leaderboard stars onto his rakk, and then a powerful Hellhound that resists Headshots and deals extra juice with any melee attack with a Minigun-repeated blip in the middle.

Another set of changes, a bit less noticeable and a bit more subtle, is in the AI. The rotations are, without a doubt, the standout features. You've got the leaderboard, which will check for players in rounds behind the previous top. You've got the skill-based "SuccessOrFails Raids," which allow you to attempt to "hack" a round from front to back, seeking to fail to complete the final AOS they are placed in. You've also got the "AttacksOnly" deal-type where you manipulate two actions at once to order teams to split up and pit them against each other. You get medals that give you bonuses in-game too, the best ones outranking the end-of-round achievements if you score 1500 or more on three or more raids.

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The update also includes a new "Sawhammer" bonus item in the tool-box, a weapon that lets you sign Walter vertical east. While some players have complained that the Weapon gravity they feel put an appreciable and real hole in their hopes for the marquee Survival DLC, it's not so. Sawhammer has the Ray Bradbury-dubbed "brainwarp" property that helps you float (literally) up the map, boosting Aerial kills and Mutations reliably, as