CNET has reviewed nearly all of the major streaming devices, and when it comes to the most powerful boxes our two favorites are Roku's Ultra and Apple's Apple TV 4K. Both devices, as well as Amazon's Fire TV Cube, are internet-connected boxes that take TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Hulu to any TV. The Ultra offers the cachet of 4K streaming and the Apple TV 4K is priced to match. Our top pick is Roku's Ultra, which is arguably more powerful than the Apple TV 4K, but even so it tends to spend most of its time wallowing in underpowered 3D. Unless you're in the market for a new 4K TV, you also don't need a box that can stream to over 1080p HD TVs. The Roku 5 arrived just a few weeks ago and does deliver 1080p streams, and is nearly identical to its predecessor in most respects.

iTunes 2017: A cool new way to discover and explore new music.

The Roku 2016 was created in an attempt to siphon users away from Amazon Prime Video, possibly by offering better selections, and for those who really wanted it to work with 4K streaming they could download the 2016 LT channel. With this opportunity unexpectedly taken from them, NOW TV engineers devised a new way to discover and discover new music. Now TV Sundown lets you curate episodes, playlists, and artists right from a brightly colored home screen. This is a lot like using your phone's universal search and being able to find everyone in the library you've searched for, like an iPhone or Android device. Most of the apps that I used include universal search, so if you don't already have this feature enabled then you can add it for a small fee. The best thing about streaming music from Now TV is the ability to set details like when new music is played and you can preview it at your leisure. Now TV is a bit Square One you've probably never heard of until recently.

Google Chromecast (and Chromecast Audio): 1080p audio on your TV!

Google recently grabbed all of its big projects internally and put them in one shiny black box. The team is the rethinking of pretty much everything Google does. We're thankful. It's not a coincidence the Chromecast is the top streaming device under $25 (if it weren't for Apple TV 4K it would be there as well). It's fast, NFC-enabled, thinks bigger through big screens, supports audio at both high-end and high-quality for 50+ tracks, has built-in Wi-Fi support and the biggest node on the internet serving up streaming video. The big difference is that you can use Plex in the Chrome browser to manually stream hi-res full-HD files and maybe stream tape on your projectors. If you aren't already a