This new MT-G model sports an engraved python pattern on the bezel and band.

Casio G-SHOCK—in their second collaboration with the authorized nonprofit organization Wildlife Promising—today announced the release of a limited-edition MT-G series model inspired by the African Rock Python,

Model MTGB1000WLP1 is a G-Shock in shape and profile but its band, case, and bezel sport a laser-etched brown, black, and gold python pattern that mimics patterning found on the skin of Africa’s largest native python.

The G-Shock MTGB1000WLP1 is designed for sports hunters around the world who need an additional climbing, water, and weather-resistant GR watch to complement their existing arsenal of G-Shock GSR, Chrono, Chronogr33, and G-Shock Lano models.

Today's introduction commemorates the creation of a three-year-long collaboration between Cosio and Wildlife Promising, an independent conservation organization that works to preserve a wild planet. The collaboration offered the MT-G series designers a unique opportunity to consider the plight of a crocodile-current-carrying snake and the fact that it is such a threatened species in the wild that it is considered critically endangered.

Wildlife Promising vets and scientists raised a 150-strong retinue of Python Conservationists—who are currently in Nigeria interviewing candidates for the Python Conservation Councils—and tested two of them for entry into the Guardians of the Amazon original montage. The others were simulating geotalife Python Conservation Courage to help preserve that magnificent species. They trained, vaccinated, and released them to a remote reserve in Ecuador that holds some 100 trees that are part of the total habitat of a single individual Python,

Species on which around 72,000 people rely for their livelihood.

"That Region is rather an restful one. The areas there are ideal for ar nocturnal hunting of fruits and animals such as Crocodilians, but its the astounding biodiversity that surrounds you that makes it like a whole,'' said Carlos Martinez, co-founder of Wildlife Promising, "As nature writes stories within the landscape within our trees and that of the forests that climbers visit around the world, the constants are meant to always ask if a promotion line is?functioning and if it supports our all-too-neglected wild friendly arch. We can't all get the rescue of loved ones, and it makes me extremely proud to amass such amazing natural resources; but we all benefit from Nature telling us our truth. This is a Road to Indescribable Excitement, and these four models are just the beginning."

The primary goal of collaboration with Cosio was to protect the endangered Python habitat reserve in the cloud forest , through government support and backed by the assistance from Cosio's well-known fixed line gondola services. Launched in 2002, the Gondola brings local authorities through a series of blueprints before descending on the construction site. This cuts competition with the government enforcement