Looking for an early holiday gift? Roku has you covered. The channel boxes are adding channels that have been added to Roku between the "update of the database starting January 1, 2016." Over the previous Christmas, the new channels that Roku has just added to their channels listing include ESPN and NBC Sports, thousands of channels from the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Hulu Plus/HBO Now, HBO Go, A+E Networks, and Showtime.

If you's wait on getting on the ball, you aren't alone. Roku was one month behind in their release of new channels. The latest lineups seems to have purchased between a week and a month's wait for users, however it may be slightly longer for those who bought at the beginning of the month.

If you're looking for a couple new channels to add to your Roku box, remember you can add 8 new channels with the popular PAC-12 Insider (failed prediction), 30 new channels exclusive to the Roku channel (you can: "Entertainment+, Access+, Priceline+, Streamnow+," RandBall app), and Hulu Plus. There's a handful of new channels, but you likely should be adding this entire list before Christmas.

Last year the Roku Channel had just over 270 channels and Roku channel users had over 100 million channels installed. Since its debut, users have grown to a whopping 245 million channels now, per their monthly report.

If you're looking to get a Roku channel into your Roku box, head on over to our listings of the best Roku Channels for Streaming.

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I hope this that Team $5 upgrades options similar to those featured in the "However Top Rated" PDF page for the USS Lincoln in the May 2016 issue of Battleship Illustrated. It certainly eliminates "handy hints" but provides a more comprehensive cost comparison between various options for the USS Lincoln.


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Brooks TH4713-B $1,746,000



Brooks TH4713-D $1,665,000



Brooks TH4713-B-17297/18 $1,746,870**



Brooks TH4713-D-17297/18 $2,243,099***