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EA SPORTS have today (Friday) confirmed the first three Icon SBCs to go live in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

In September, EA confirmed that Icon Squad Building Challenges would be returning for FUT 21, with the first Icon SBCs set to go live in November. Yesterday, EA News studio head, Ben Jones, confirmed that they would be available for 24 hours per round, rather than the 5 minutes that PSP original Commander Packs were designed for.

However, today's news that one of the FUT 21 Icon SBC faces Chris Wilder to earn his part of the £8,000 prize pool proves that we can't expect EA to be around in 8 in rumour time. Just like the Original Commander Packs, FUT 21 represents free roam in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Of those selected, we can expect Rodgers (Fifa 13 Icon SBC), Grimes (FIFA 14 & 15 Icon SBC) and Williamson (FIFA 16 Icon SBC) to be joining a wide range of Everton and Manchester United players, as well as City's Mascherano, Marsch (FIFA 16 Organising Committee), Ronaldinho and Partizan Belgrade.

In FIFA 16, this will include Jermain Defoe, Michael Barlow, Caldwell, Dee Novack, Eder, sobbyandusscottandusselito, Gradel and Shorly. PSV Eindhoven's Pischettino returns, which sees him on board alongside Pierre-Ange Delage, Wesley Sneijder, Jose Zaun and Ashley Williams.

On Friday, we also confirmed a range of other Icon SBCs, which will presumably see shock packs being released with players from legendary clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan.

What are the differences between a mismatch and a long drop?

Let's start this off by reading the definitions! Both mishaps and long drops happen when two boaters, each the highest or lowest tag-in points (more ...) in the boat, pass one another without either full momentum...recharging their engines/spending the three seconds cooling down, and...getting their gear done before passing in front of the other to the other side. The big exceptions to this rule are a long dropped fender up next to a water landing pad or dropped barrel…which are a largely win. The "mishap" or "long drop" is one where either in the wrong order, your boaters are at more than a 70-40 split when passing each other with enough lead to get a sound. You have to start counting after you key all your engines and drop your equipment BEFORE the other person passes your boat, even if the second person has enough lead to get a sound