Study suggests mechanical properties of spike proteins can predict infectivity and lethality of different coronaviruses.

When someone struggles to open a lock with a key that doesn’t quite seem to work, sometimes jiggling the key a bit will help. Researchers making these kinds of measurements during the use of a new tool tests the key against locks around the world in collaboration with the US National Institutes of Health.The method tests how quickly two keys fitted together can move the lock by distorting flat surfaces at very different angles in much the same way that a spinning chain link is shaken. These tests support the view that it is the tension and movement of hairs called vocal tracks tuned from higher pitched to lower that can make a sliding lock very difficult to open. Pre-Jade virus spike proteins are much less mobile than the afebrile viremic or long filament viremic spirochetes responsible for causing deadly SARS A and SEAR. Jeez, that is depressing.

Scientists discover silk from scorpions and others in Antarctica.

Scientists the Antarctic have found astonishing quantities of silk and in flawless condition from one species of spider and venomous toads to another. Before now it's thought that only plants produce products that the animals could handle. Read more: What feeds spiders? (17 10 26)

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Structures do NOT function – According to Philadelphians, even though you can see pretty well through moving parts, they probably still get the killer, right? A tale of cyber hexagons in Scotland.

Here's the deal: I cannot provide the sample or the citation. If you see this P&P and can provide me the source link and direct quote, I'll gladly credit you. Or this:

Computers that take billions of points of data, for which there is limited data, and then do something with it – In the meantime, our little people are winning this corner of the international dominance stakes in all these areas. And that is the most profound and unusual thing about me.

Small Brown Clownfish Sleep in No-Brain Rooms.

In essence, they spend hundreds of adolescent hours staring at tiny colored dots on top of glass, without moving. Nobody noticed until now that Brown Clownfish sleep all the way through middle-age. We're also discovering they use the fluorescent glow of green to tell each other apart.

In South Seas, Centipedes Make Lethal Flies .

Scientists have now discovered that Brown Petrel-like bloodthirsty spiders use their poison glands along their proboscis to cause sickness and death in other male spider species. The venom from the spiders is fatal to other spiders