Drone News: DJI’s miniaturized flyer is back, this time with 4K video support, an upgraded image transmission system, and more

B&H is excited to announce the DJI Mini 2. The follow-up to last year’s wildly popular Mavic Mini, the Mini 2 arrives with several impressive upgrades, including enhanced video capabilities, improved flight performance, and much more.

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Fully rendered images by shotage artist Olga Zamifrenenko

The DJI Mavic 2 is a small drone with room for expandable add-on cameras that upgrade the value proposition of your drone. And it’s all done with one checkbox (Mic), one phone connection (Wi-Fi), and one smartphone app. No complicated software needs to be downloaded or installed. Get the DJI Mavic 2 for as cheap as $199!

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Update (11/11): DJI has responded in the comments and denied we are only restricting certain models in some stores vs others.

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Update: After a Saturday vote, the NZSM today proposed imposing a 20 per cent levy on emissions based on a so-called 'carbon tax module', under which revenue would be used to fund improved renewable energy renewable energy island schemes. This would have the effect of all countries investing in their own emissions reduction capabilities – not simply reducing what we emit ourselves. This model would apply to all businesses operating in the country, and currently would break New Zealand out from all other countries, and gives the NZSM the same power overall, as it does with regard to a carbon tax. This proposal is entirely separate to and in per se a rejection of the carbon tax. Full details of the NZSM's models are in earlier versions of this article.

The Government are blaming other countries' failure to set emissions targets for their 'lacklustre' record on global warming, writes Robyn Allen. Screenshot from account of the Prime Minister below.

Prime Minister John Key is this weekend expected to present a long list of targets to be met by every