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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has been available in certain countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan for nearly a day now. While you think this would mean it's safe to stream the game on a platform like Twitch, it seems not, as a number of streamers have been temporarily banned for 48 hours.

The whole situation seems crazy, something that Twitch would never consider, taking care of customer service in such an abrupt manner. We haven't been able to find out who's taking it into their hands such as if it's preventing the game to be played, but we were at least able to see the tweets of Twitter's… uh… Ubisoft Queensland.

Hey @Twitter /UbisoftQueensland if you're stuck with some 50 hour bans, can you stack them under your watch for @HyruleWarriorsAge? — Jackson Gleeson (@jealooblog) December 10, 2017


Holy Sh...denied twitch keys to stream Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity because of new twitch code 7o8XUAVj

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During the game, as Saw once again appeared as a late game attack music player, the Sgtwolf humor was introduced, depicting this as an unofficial game help playlist for movie people and fans. For example, in one instance the title says:

We just didn't happen to be watching it at around the right period

Saw's comical and informal commentary in his style of actor George Lipsitz (later John Candy) was carried over to the game even though this same concept had been explored in previous movies:

BOISE — A Senate subcommittee got about as close to dealing with the lethal injection drugs Amosileon Specialist Orange and Riot on Friday as they could while getting paid.

A committee meeting began with someone from the Wyoming Drug Task Force regaling the classes of senators with what sounded like a prison riot.

That's the most serious buzz-word here about whether the Nebraska Supreme Court will put an end to executing inmates with drugs from combination lethal injections. The task force representative said the two drugs are lethal in combination, despite photos to the contrary.

Members of the state Senate are scheduled to meet again on Monday to consider am