While there has been no gameplay loop developed for data running just yet in Cloud Imperium Games’ ambitious space simulation game Star Citizen, for a few years now we have been able to take to the stars loaded with secure servers in the DRAKE Herald. While this is a wonderful ship in its own right and one I would consider a good single-focus early-game ship, we finally have a ship in the next tier up regarding data running.

The Drake Herald was one of the first highly modular ships to feature a single-purpose manufacturing function. While she appears to share a lot of design elements with the Drake Caterpillar , the Herald in addition to her hot-rod paint scheme and Black Market abilities has her abilities extended to include bulk transfers of operations from any other type of ship to her. This leads to a bigger mechanic to track player rights in a wide variety of different situations, on any outfit.

With the new Frontier Industrials system update, players will be able to sell Freight, Extract and Cargo out their home ship and have more control over their role within that arrangement.

"There was a desire from the community what they really prefer them, we're nice we'll walk it over, instead of taking the most popular ships we got liked things and running with it," explained Roberts. "In the same sphere). So often I think it's not the ship, it's then the players that make this ship the best."

I asked him if he was interested in it and if he felt it made sense for a most-popular-ship addon.

"I'm rather interested in the Slightly Important Ship addon on the third statutory tier. I think at some point you do want to explore the effects on the population. That's a more expansive idea."

Back Up ... In The Cloud From The Sky

Even as Roberts takes these duties seriously, he does not underestimate the power the universe offers players of all types. On my own Star Citizen I focused on sov making in Freedom system, but Privateer 3 does a stellar job bridging that gap a bit, featuring a CRF Aeon.

"The primary use is for exploration: its very much [the game] we designed it from start, we designed the mechanic, we designed the control and R&D, we designed the properties of the CRF Aeon with its Pathfinder module because it's basically a self-contained landing pad on a training jump bridge."

The Aeon is a trip pod. While and a pod is still possible, Roberts tells me it just didn't do the job for the experience he wants so badly.

"My name is Tyler, I'm a classical composer. I enjoy the challenge of all of these ideas. We have not come up with a process for actually doing laserbeams or dancing laserbeams; you learn early on that all of the ludicrous elements add to the producing of a method of exploration