The Best Android Games of 2020: PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Among Us, and more!

Sometimes you just want to be able to play a game on your smartphone. The selection below stems from a mixture of physical and digital titles across all has died-hard gamers' preferences. This guide attempts to summarize the broad landscape of what off us digital download platform titles are currently available for all sorts of platforms.

The Android Gaming Library in 2018: Some 130 Developers Developing 50+ Mobile Games

The epiphany behind our new Android Gaming Library has been finally realized in the guide we finally have made for you to find and discover unmatched new releases every day.

All you need to know before purchasing PUBG 2018 (iOS or Android)

Check out our guide to understand what is in PUBG and where your best lands. Earmark an opportunity to maximize this incredible brand by reading our earlier posts to understand PUBG!

To buy PUBG Mobile: Chevy Chase's Last Teenage Adventures


Release Date : March 13, 2018

*Updated on 2/2016*

Where To Buy: Amazon | Play Store

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I'm irnk. / I know / Don't worry

Shortly after announcing the launch of his own company, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was subject to criticism by several former drivers protesting his stance on paid work.

After the former Uber drivers protested Kalanick's anti-corporate attitude toward their employer throughout October, co-founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, gave a public statement assuring drivers such work wasn't allowed.

The issue surfaced again when drivers took to Twitter to display their anger towards Kalanick for prior statements about paid work after the black-tie launch. These tweets were deemed "racist" by the former driver Danny O'Brien, who said:

Hundreds of people & I staged a 48 hour protest next to Travis Kalanick's staircase while he performed at the Catskill launch event. #rideseattle — Danny O'Brien (@datdannieturn79) September 9, 2015

This is why Uber struggles for respect, because he's sure not just part of working for a company. He's invested in WAKE UP$1,000,000! — Danny O'Brien (@datdannieturn79) September 9, 2015

In response to the criticism, Kalanick again tried to disassociate himself from the workers by stating that