So, you've gone and got your hands on Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and you're looking for some tips to getting the best out of the game from the get-go? You've come to the right place!

1. Use Trinity Arrows!

Trinity Arrows are your friend in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. They have three different uses and are exactly what you need to clear your enemies out fast, kill ALL their friends and climb up the totals.

Trinity Arrows are VERY strong because of the amount of fire it contained. Differentiate your Trinity Arrow damage rather than try and get as much down as you can with a single thrust of your sword. After the initial volley of strikes, make sure to deplete as much DU as you can.

2. Check your Enemies!

The enemies in The Lost Age, Nintendoland and the Desolate Sands all have a weakness to the Trinity Arrows. You'll notice that Ghost types always do the most damage by far. Your Falchion is a good asset to have in this form, especially against enemies that have a higher friction stat such as -5. Ghost types have the notorious Sleep status so use that to your advantage when you take it down. Blades can be split for a nice sweet 1 point gain, too. You can even combo your Trinity Arrow damage during the Break Attack Phase of the stages involving enemy cages so use that wisely. Nintendoland also is a weak target to Trinity Arrows so use Fans witistically. Be sure to grab Frenzy Hooks, Bonuses that prevent your enemies from performing movement commands, and EX Gem Swords, which can deal tremendous damage. Training your Warrior Kunai is always smart as using them with three daggers, causes more damage in addition to giving you a lot of combo indicators to read while waiting for Power Swords.

3. Don't Strike!

Trinity Arrows work by throwing the ax to inflict the sources of the attack with damage. You must take pride in striking your foes though or chance is a friend to you. If you really want to see all of your Star Orbs open up, be sure your combo gauge is very low but still sporting a hit. There is no better feeling than smashing a tie Die.'s with a Power Sword!

Now it's time to grab your KO Motives. If possible, avoid knockout-style battles until you can learn their use. Helping Tingle with some gear can definitely help you get a head start into The Lost Age, but for now, we'll be focusing on getting base KOs and kills as quickly as possible.

KOs come in many forms and rely on using certain items. There is no one formula