Dell’s XPS 13 laptops have always had a place among the best Ultrabooks and left fans hungrily awaiting deals on these devices. The XPS 13 9310, the first XPS 13 to use a Tiger Lake chip, is no exception, and its recent release means that previous models like the XPS 13 9300 will probably be going on sale soon.

This a great time to get started on upgrading your XPS 13 laptop and Dell's only price breaker is that you'll definitely be paying a premium for this processor over the enterprise-grade components found on the 9300 model. Still, the 9310 is an excellent laptop to get without breaking the bank and the $600 deal is currently available for both the 9310 and the 9300.

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UPDATE: The antidote is undergoing further tests. However, officials believe it is possible the water in the hospital may have played a part.


Although headlines are focusing on the death of a young child at an Indian orphanage on Tuesday, the true headlines are a controversy going on at the – many would call it a – Great Orphanage in Hajipur near Calcutta in West Bengal.

Children, some as young as days, are reportedly dying and parents who have already left for the home face a difficult battle to recover the last of their shame.

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The Great Orphanage's social development division secretary, Morgane Daniels, told India Today that none of the recent cases have been given to the authorities "as the children have already tried to leave by themselves."

However, the orphanage has been called a "deadly breeding ground" for kidnappings designed to peddle the children for money.

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"These children travel long distances to the orphanage so they can marry the guy from the orphanage and escape the stigma attached to 'children of the streets'. They are seen as ridiculous, meeting people, not knowing English, none of the social, nutrition or social need," a spokeswoman told the BBC.

There were also reports that a 15-year-old boy who had tested positive for tuberculosis in 2014 had died of the disease after 12 months, a case that spurred the social networking site Twitter to sum up the situation at the orphanage: "Juvenile facility in India. Over 300 kids have died there. Pimps rape old ladies, make orphans tortures children to extract children for profit."

But the controversy also drew the attention of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who called it "unacceptable."

However, such facts