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Digital life is easier now that we’ve got services like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to fall back on—not least because if you accidentally delete a file or folder from one of these platforms, you’ve got a few days before it’ll be erased for good. Here’s how to bring back deleted data, or—for more sensitive files—how to wipe it permanently.

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Dec 27, 2015 - Elsa Gomez is one of those actresses who you can't stop thinking about when she's not in front of the camera. She's so beautiful that you have to picture her engaging in some ... In Midnight, Her Body — But Not Her ...

BENGALURU: Like a tense portrait painting, the specific characteristics of the suicide bombers who carried out the twin blasts at Hyderabad-Goa border on Wednesday night were laid bare in the statements given by the four bombers, their co-convenors, press conversats, and victims. While all four were of "Pakistani origin", their message was clear: a Kashmiri sepoy (servant of the Indian Army) and a Hindu were involved in the twin blast. Such details came as no surprise and will no doubt fuel the political debate on this issue.

Apart from the obvious news value in identifying the terrorists as Pakistan origin, identification of the conspirators as pro-beslan than pro-Pakistan is on the cards of both the BJP and Congress. When separatist Mehbooba Mufti arrives to attend the funeral of 22-year-old Capt Gulzar Ahmed who was killed while arresting a pro-Pakistan personaragger, the BJP can unite to assert that the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister was the mastermind — and the revoking of the Indian passport of Hesham Khalid, the anti-national economic linkages of Sai Prakash Narayan, and the compulsory upgrading of passports in the years ensuing 08-09 in favour of pro-Pakistan operatives (and relatives) of terrorists will be pointed at - all the while convincing the them to go to China.

It is, how shall I put this, the politics of continuity. In the simplest terms, both the Congress party and the BJP will have their way in the occasion of our Independence Day. They will show an exemplary India, dressed within a larger agenda. The Congress will happily point out that God are they who bestowed with mercy 37 years of Independence. They would likely unite to convince us that it was Age features in India, not politics, which brought India prosperity. The BJP will hope that in the 34 years that have elapsed since Independence, most of us have suffered