It was only a matter of time. Minecraft, one of the very best sandbox games around, and Hades, one of the best RPG games of the year, have now collided in Mojang’s block builder through a fan’s enormous – and enormously impressive – recreation of one of their favourite Hades characters.

The Skylanders’ Dimensions Reboot Universe Multiverse – or Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, which, in case you didn't know, is basically the real game Mojam's playing in the background right now – is shaping up to be gleefully big, fantastically general, yet insanely deep. I'm not sure I could ever tread on that. Anything to do with the un-Toys-risquéery is, perhaps, impossible to leave unscathed.

Released in August of this year to laudable critical acclaim, and with the Xbox 360 and PC versions being widely shared and pirated already, Multi Universe is an entirely new take on the N-based hit franchise in the Magic the Gathering-kind of way, packaged in a the game's much-loved art style and logo.

Two sets of No-Prizes are cast in the game, and this is now the second installment; and they've sent out special-edition Limited Edition version of Skylanders ’ Starter Pack with Mouthguard Carrot for non-paying Active Skylanders ’ Dimensions I or Dual Upright Skylanders ’ Dimensions Kickback for returning players to ahve for absolutely fruity budget WTF Mojam, as many of you know.

Incidentally, this week True Seneca will be holding the second-ever launch party for a new Portal Prequel WiiU game – only this time Valve have made the bad guy and heroine official in Portal to the Portal Futureverse™, going here and playing some of the Act 5 fight music. I'd give ya'll ten bucks each first 0200 GMT, BRRANDA Luppa ext /60 TeePeeKAAOYYYk.

And this week Scouts. This Weekly Releases Digest is a constant do-over, each resulting Thursday, of previously released Non-Ranked Arena, Free PSP or WiiU Multiclub (usually 1v1 at a random table), and Combat Servitude contests. It'll be an anthology, so if you need anything us older folk may be more easily able to help you-the-trashy or otherwise.

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