"Fortnite" is expanding its streaming and collaboration features with a new partnership with Houseparty that aims to integrate a live video chat in the screens while playing the game. The use of another device to see friends and teammates while playing the popular third-person POV shooter game now gets a combination without unnecessary distractions.

Although there are many other games making similar use of collaboration features, the feature has been missing from many games since the mid-2000s. Fortnite, with its free-to-play format, comes at a time when collaboration in games is increasing its prominence.

According to the announcement, the broadcast features are powered by CastIntelligence, Cast5 Technology's exclusive distribution platform, which offers developers, publishers and gamers revolutionary search and discovery technology integrating in-game intelligence enhancing players search and find ability to effectively manage and win relationships.

The site also enables viewers to interact with broadcasters in the game played by their friends or peers to also give feedback to the broadcasters. The GameCenter button also empowers them to invite friend or a group of friends to watch the broadcast live. Moreover, different broadcasts from different players interact together in real-time and receive feedback from the broadcasters.

The streaming service is also accessible on smart TVs, tablets, mobile devices (including smartphones), gaming consoles and desktop PCs, all thanks to the guise of a single service translated into 31 multilingual languages.

"It's amazing, how often games want to match players together, so they can find teammates more quickly and decide the strategy of the battle itself. CastIntelligence gives developers the opportunity to virtually set up a Fortnite channel with audience far away from the game's customer base and also create a broadcast experience that puts broadcasters at the center of the action," said Steve Sollenberger, CEO of CastIntelligence.

In the words of our buddy Falconout: "Fortnite is about action, but they should really give me the function of chatting."

Several big-name boxing trainers were barred this week from the renewal of theirainer contracts.

Several big-name boxing trainers were barred this week from the renewal of theirainer contracts.

Oscar De La Hoya (42-4, 26 KOs), Al Haymon (38-0, 32 KOs), George Foreman (54-7, 45 KOs), Vyacheslav Glazkov (46-10, 7 KOs) and Ricky Hatton - whom Kaesong YANGE 12 Sports Sports Management employs - are out for health reasons as a result of former champions boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa, Vyacheslav Ugasavlague, Claressa Shields, Hacran Dias and Zbigniew Ponkul.

South Africa's Gamboa (27-4-1