Doom Eternal will be digital-only on Nintendo Switch Those hoping to pick up a physical copy of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch are out of luck.

Nintendo Switch players have been waiting since March for Doom Eternal to arrive on their platform and it seems like there’s a hiccup on its journey. Despite promising a October 25 release date, those who want to pick up Doom Eternal physically won't be able to do so during the hunt for employees.

Publisher Bethesda released a statement on the developer’s official Twitter account noting that the title will now only come out on Nintendo Switch this fall. What this means for previous VR owners is unclear as Bethesda’s statement specifically mentions that the platform is no longer receiving a physical release of Doom Eternal. We cannot verify that Bethesda is still preserving Doom Eternal on all platforms, but a statement that Doom Eternal is linked into the Switch version of the title could mean that the publisher has made some sort of transition to Nintendo Switch.

Here's what Bethesda has to say (translation and speculation courtesy of KR Hub):

On hearing the rumor tonight we've received word it won't be coming to Switch, but that we still plan to make a physical version of it later on. Please note: We won't be adding DLC to this game.

So in other words, Doom Eternal may still come racing down to your doorstep this fall, but Bethesda has asked players who have already purchased it digitally on PC or Ubisoft DLC to check their email to see if everything is back up to date.

Chances are that Doom Eternal will be arriving on Switch naturally if it is indeed linked to the Switch version of the handheld shooter. Bethesda has also apparently confirmed that Doom Eternal expansion pack Wolfenstein: The New Order will be selling at a discount (+85% off) on Novermber 28. No further details have been shared regarding any of this.

Nintendo Switch images courtesy of NCSOFT.

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