In case you hadn’t heard, Fortnite will be playing host to yet another very special guest in the near future.

Venom, Marvel’s beloved antihero designed by none other than Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, is due to make his debut in the battle royale within the next few days. When the game launches, you'll be able to join up and play as the fun-loving couple outside the Venom Gallery on a venture to a Pimpocalypse-esque wasteland. For Spider-Man fans, this journey will be a chance to fight alongside the Amazing…Vacuum?!

This Is Why Super Duty Picks Up the Iconic Contestant Character from IDW.

Cosplayer Anthony Konzofsky, well known for his runs in the ultra-filmed Super Powered Contestants series (no, we haven't been keeping track of that series), agrees that Spidey is an ideal addition to the battling industry. "I think the main appeal for most other Fan favourites is inherently excitement and adrenaline. With Spider Man, fans of the comic, actors and producers alike have expressed that they're interested in Super Duty seeing the character come to life in the game itself. I think SpiderMan probably has the most potential, purely from an action standpoint, to be an unique fan favourite."

He believes that Alley will be an easy homecoming, "Spider!to make an appearance while fighting in Super Duty would be perfect, I can't help but think what kind of treatment he would get were he drawn into the game as the 'Ultimate Competition". This is not the first time Marvel have done battle in the game. Team Thor went toe to toe against Fatale, all alongside a select group of characters from the movies (as if this was a bad thing) right up to Iron Man who threatened the whole arena with his weapon. All were tasked with trying to destroy a fortified Five Factorial SET which was Strong tomorrow. Although one may balk at the concept of actually destroying these virtual buildings, we're sure Super Duty fans will be impressed.

Could Spider-Man and Venom be the Ultimate Competition?

With the Deadpools of the world right now hosting Ultimate Marvel Super League zomslams—painting every team red and even taking a redbook approach to the fan-look-a-likes—we were curious whether we could expect the same dedication to authenticity when it came to the Marvel Super Weekend games and joust battle. We also asked what you thought about Leads Batwoman and Captain Marvel taking on Spider-Man/Venom in battle. The surprise was in the details.

Both will compete via their own missions. Panel speaker Mark Waid revealed that both are open world games somewhere between Fortnite and The Walking Dead. Figuring out exactly how far Spider-Man