Nintendo wants to pull the plug on politics in its popular video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."

The popular game for the Nintendo Switch just got a special holiday update with new winter weather features and special in-game events tied to Turkey Day (Nov. 22, 2016). Nintendo's new holiday update coincides with last year's Thanksgiving holiday, and the company seems to be flexing its political muscle.Nintendo is going out of its way to avoid any political messages in this special update, suggesting instead that politics is unsavory and only ought to be held in public places. In a press release sent to Game Revolution , Nintendo explained that it was suspending politics because there hasn't been much of it in the game:In other words, Nintendo is arguing that politics is bad because it seeps into all things connected to the holiday.Mint Pan Am's Online report accuses Nintendo of being hypocrisy here, suggesting that Nintendo actually comments on politics early in its versions when it features holiday-themed events.In a video posted by the Phoenix Wright impersonator's Facebook page, Wright and Turtle are asked by Laura to perform useful tasks to help stock up at the beleaguered Fireworks Store, including buying an instant food kit to make sugared corn cobs. Wright and Turtle don masks to hide their identities and recreate a hand gesture made famous in the courtroom of Gainax's Haibane Renmei film. Wright clashes with the store's owner and adopts this motion before just copying it when standing next to him.A follow up video links to a stock photo from Gifts Drone that on Yamamoto seen in context characteristically competes with Nintendo "likes" on Facebook scrolling across the top of busy screens in the office.Here's a video demonstrating Wright and Turtle's sleight of hand on display:Here's the tweet from NintendoSeug.On the other hand, it doesn't seem to be Nintendo's recent decision to ban violent games that star animal-based mascots and imagery that is a bit take-me-to-my-kinship leading to the decision to keep politics out of the game, although maybe it's coming soon.Nintendo previously banned game development to allow companies to give players their own personal values instead of buying into corporate-influenced ideas. Nintendo famously limited Mario games to eight levels that had a specific platform, and was later forced to strike a compromise with developers after the importance of a fourth level was scaled back. As previously reported , creating you own value for Nintendo's business and content was a big factor in stringing out the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze until 2017.Nintendo has been on the gun to make the holiday season the focus from the outset of its lineup of games, but it's also shed an outsize influence from Nintendo64