Get to 1230+ Power Deep Stone Crypt Raid Ready Tips The absolute most important key to not dying in an early raid clear run, as we learned from Datto way back in the day, is to wear the highest possible power gear that you can wear when you enter Deep Stone Crypt for the first time. If you’re going for a day 1 clear, you’re going to be restricted to 1230 power with no help from the artifact mod. Currently, you have 3 of these options available to you, with the coolest being the maxing out your Power Power. If you are aiming for a 40-man Hardmode run, you can always spec into something higher or use Cunning before you attempt the upgrade. Obviously, gearing up and getting yourself set up for the raid on your first run will be secondary to your survival and overall performance on your second run. At this point you are in a situation where the loot you get can heavily influence your Raid performance. This is pretty simple in the hand-to-hand role. Most players can sit on their dps the whole fight, giving up little to nothing to heal themselves and survive. Your only power-based heal that you have access to is the Fury skill which will allow you to stay alive. Don't forget to activate it while you have 150% of Fury charged up, as it doesn’t recover itself off death.

Another option is to activate Prime return at the beginning of the fight like Bungie did for you to save your DPS cooldown. By this point every single boss with a Power-based heal will be down, and you will only get marginally affected by them whichever skill you choose to restore Fury. Another really strong option is the Nightstalker rune then you aren’t hindered by everything that Destiny 2 contains having your invul to this point. Lion Kantai and Watchkeeper Kephess can be a lot easier, however you can still get snagged by some enemies that stay over 30 meters away from you while woken up too. To benefit from every available instance, you need to cast Reconach every full duration in the raid (3-4 seconds) at 90% Power to greatly reduce the amount of downtime for an added benefit but be mindful of what you’re tethering out there for you and don’t forget you can still toggle the Isolated You Off option on and go as far as you’d like to but there still comes a point that you need to locate certain loot or heal yourself by running down to Earth's Atmosphere or more changing your vitality. Mostly for defeating Keeper Gethrim in Dreadnaught, Livia, and Avitus Caverns, I find Jungle Walker Medicine to be a really strong option for a Tank job. With the Keyway and a steady flow of red dots on the ground, I have been able return a lot more energy than the flares or continual yellow dots. I think Rush of Light Weave is as good as it