"Fortnite" is expanding its streaming and collaboration features with a new partnership with Houseparty that aims to integrate a live video chat in the screens while playing the game. The use of another device to see friends and teammates while playing the popular third-person POV shooter game now gets a combination without unnecessary distractions. Every time a panel is unlocked for your team, the difference will be immediately noticeable, right in the game!

Playfe10n brings another entertaining and fun way to play the new Breach Mode and earn rewards. Breach Mode is now free to play, but hardcore players can trade rare cards with the Houseparty community through their Wars With Friends feature in Houseparty. With Dominicator feet, you can earn a tip when the price in hearts is just a bit higher than what you did.

Last but not least, we have the Dusk update for Fortnite 2.95 that important fixes a critical bug that resulted in players getting screwed on 18 facing objectives.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Fortnite 2.95 Update Patch Notes

Events and Specials :

Want to celebrate your kill count with a mini-expansion? Catch "oNemark's Bloodthirst" on Guerilla Duck this Fridaythrough Social Friday.

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