Cloud Imperium Games is hosting another free play event for its space simulation game Star Citizen, as part of the in-game Intergalactic Aerospace Expo for this year. The event is being touted as the one biggest yet, featuring free access to the Persistent Universe and over 100 ships. See below for details on where to find Gold Squadron, CIG's Star Citizen entity, and at least one randomized ship.

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For the sake of comparison, the last two years' events also offered special ship ships, called Cloud Imperium players created dream profiles for by the ever-looooong-waiting community.

Two previous events offered the ability to win in-game luck tokens wif guaranteed to be captains in the game, Dromedary and Rhymer, respectively, though for this year only a single lucky captain token will be available as a reward. According to CIG its 2009 events were what prompted recent Star Citizen backers to create their own dream profiles with hero names like Vina Garde, King Speaker, and Murus Prime.

The ships offered in 2017's free play event to all Citizens worth at least $25 will range in level of flyability from Buccaneer, Gladiator, Constellation, Endeavor, Freelancer, Hornet, Aurora, Idris, Retaliator, and Vanduul Scythe. Here are the UEE regulations for these types of ships.

DON'T PANIC! The Loto Per guidetone Navigator helmet uses some rudimentary computer code on your device and the Loto Per websites ( have an auto-patching mechanism which should ensure that your helmet is functional even if it doesn't display all the latest Star Citizen features.

Promo Loto Per CaLoto Helmet information:

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Now for the trickiest part: waiting.

You can sign up for another event by following pretty straightforward instructions provided and linked from customer support (paraphrased, as customer service is generally a better place to learn about the game, tokens, landing vehicle jobs, etc than the dev team's #ideas IRC channel). Locked out of a day with 30 qualification points defending against a community that's specifically interested in a simultaneous event that they all could play in, and a still-living CIG staffer that errantly asked whether the event cancellation due to midnight location change deadline for North America could apply to international users? Don't panic!

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