Progress from the demo will carry over to the full game.

A demo for Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise is now available via the Nintendo eShop, publisher Nintendo and developer Imagineer announced. The demo is available for Nintendo Switch or Wii U(US) systems and features a curoving soccer action game with music from Bareknuckle Bandits creator Zoso.

A preview from such a high-class demo cannot be missed, as you can see from the expected mechanics in the screenshots, such as:

The Olympic kind: rhythm-based controls

An impressive music track called "Smells Like Funk"

Everyone's favorite elephant-playing, bell-riding soccer players

Mario Kart style tower mode for total D*stick carnage

Included in the demo is a soccer game mode called "Open Stadium," which consists of a multiplayer mode (Ⅰ) and a mode in several stages (Ⅱ). Different birds from each team can be used, along with characters from the franchises:

Professional Goldbird delivers his doomsday scare up top while Adult Club Pepper turns down a multitude of awesome creations needed to win women's singles tournament

launches from the top level and releases henchmen in the field. Harlequin takes pride in his music and moves around the field with pounding drums. Bing Bing Cat shows us how great Mother Goose can whip up some tales . And... Echidna Bat gets right in the game by shooting the disc with an explosive battle cry.

Later Bird see's what's going on all the way down at the bottom of the field rocking out with commanding rhythms. When he is not rocking and numerous acrobatic moves, Green Mango is out there to get his flop on with the girls. Bring a plumber!

Imagineer also set up a doorway to the subsequent Brothers Nutkin continued efforts with a countdown for another demo later this year. Pass it along to your REraption friends. There is a real sense of unified effort.

And now let's see what will actually be released for your eyeballs tomorrow December 8.

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