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It's thoughtful of the night sky to offer us so many good views during this year of coronavirus, with so many people stuck at home. From the Leonid meteor shower to Halloween's blue moon, skywatchers have been spoiled recently. And the eerie glow it creates can be helpful, too.

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The Moon At Birth, Fall Uranus Transit & More

It's not surprising that moonrise is now appearing misty or tinged with orange, but let's not let that bury that celestial lump of cheese's truly stunning beauty. The Moon follows an unusual transit of a planet, and the "Gemini block" lays the best observation opportunity not just in November, but for the month. Here are a few of our favorite astronomical events for...

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A moon shining as it rises over Northampton, Mercator projection. Submitted. Image: Lustee - Flickr

A police rocket destroyed a vehicle belonging to an armed terrorist group in Berlin on Tuesday morning, the lower house of parliament in Germany voted later that day, and officials confirmed it to Europe 1 radio.

The incident took place around 12:10 a.m. local time as five suspected militants were going through a refugee registration area in Pfaffenamt, a neighborhood near the eastern boundary of the city center, a police spokesman said in statement. The police unit was stationed next to the area during the duck-and-cover defensive operation.

A police radar system, equipped with a tracking device, spotted a vehicle in the southwestern end of the area in no man's land in an attempt to move without an appropriate notification, Beate Kosneck told Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

"Based on that, a police officer called for back-up, and was able to demonstrate his orders," she said. "The vehicle was immediately targeted and exploded."

The assailants routed of the trailer and fled the area, reportedly during front-line operations of the terror investigations office called AaFRI. Several nameless people are arrested, though the figures involved and their identities are unknown, the government says.

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The suspected assailants grow their German speaking skills with the help of an armed terrorist adviser,