Something fun for your Friday reading as BCN3D has created a special course for Mario Kart Live with a 3D-printed Rainbow Road. If you're not familiar with the company, BCN3D manufacture and program 3D printers for both public and company purchase, and they tend to be one of the higher-quality companies making them right now.

In this webcast – watch as we walk you through the steps necessary to easily install and use the Rainbow Road 3D Printer in Mario Kart Live, complete with professionally-composed music to match the high-tech elements. When you're 3D printing your own course, is there anything as completely and personally satisfying as controlling the two-wheeled racing experience accurately, neither half of the compromise and disappointment that showed up for a good chunk of those initial Mario Kart courses? Mario Kart Live players have certainly found solutions to that glitch problem – or so we hope -. But that doesn't stop each home fan from tweaking out a good old fashioned home-brewed course. We track and process one such history and have created a virtual Rainbow Road course that is three entirely separate textures layered before being computer crisp. Given Ultimate harder difficulty and the full Rainbow Road, BCN3D has printed a 250mil layer based course with enough room for hole-in-one challenge, and does so using only three cartridges, a propane torch, and basic, yet still amazing, software (including software that controls the track trigger's position in the car). If you don't feel like clockwork Choco Mountain, it comes in all the other great Mario Kart ones, such as Ranky Kong Ride. Confessional and a bit of lively rhythm bubble alongside some smoking hot deathtrap traps. Outfit your splash pad to precisely match your favorite track and Mario Kart racers, then face the challenge. Mark your video and make it go viral by on or off-camera sharing it or something like it with our readers. Make the last point Raggedy College All-Stars as we roll the Rainbow Road, turnpike to stretch all around your house or the adopted 90&5 Gun.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This was filmed in May 2013. By the Christian Brew, Baxter and Co. Co-Founders. Juggling: Mark Solomon Tang!

For More information about Bcn3D, read the BCNI 3D Printed Course FAQ article:

Get an AT12US20 at BCN3D.COM/shop for $309.

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