The Last of Us Part 2 is the long-anticipated sequel to Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed game surrounding an apocalyptic disease. After a string of delays, The Last of Us Part 2 finally released on PS4 over the summer, and if you missed it during those dog days, you can pick it up now at a discount thanks to Black Friday 2020.

We got our hands on a PS4 version of The Last of Us Part 2 and it was better than I could have possibly imagined. After three games in the past decade, The Last of Us is back to its roots with superb graphics and AI that we haven't seen in a while from a video game. Featuring difficult choices, thought-provoking moments and true moral choices from the main character Joel, The Last of Us Part 2 takes advantage of PlayStation 4's hardware to overhaul entirely what it means to play a video game. It offers a dark, mature and thoughtful feel that transcends the likes of branching and open-ended RPGs.

Check out this video below to see how the Ingress process worked.

Online play in The Last of Us Part 2 has also been re-engineered to handle time limits and make the experience more re-playable.

Online gamers are going to love The Last of Us Part 2. Online play has been updated and it features new tiers of progression. For starters, the premium Grand Tour Champion will receive custom character gear in addition to having access to the premium "My Last Zero" mode and exclusive collectibles. When I was a kid our family subscribed to the mainframe to gain access to Operation.mXTrix, through which we could upgrade the game by earning portals.

Unlocking the "The Last of Us Part II Joico" feature after the original game ranked No.1 on the list of highest grossing 1998-run video games. Unfortunately for us gamers, this game wouldn't be released for another 11 months. By the time we got the chance to become Joico, it was already approved for release on the PSNTB (PlayStation Network) and Nintendo's NINTENDO GRAVEYARD 64 (Xbox LIVE Arcade).

Today, The Last of Us Part 2 sells for $30 on the PlayStation Store, and doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down. If you've missed the boat before (and I hear it's only going to get better), do it right now and catch the replay.

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