Who would have thought 2020 would be the dawn of a new era in electric vehicle stocks. Though many of these companies have been on the market in one shape or form for years, most have traded as penny stocks. Well, here's to a new era in line with growth expectations that provide pricing power. The seven we've spotted have been traded above $25 per share in price, and may surge over $30, notes Shrimp Station.We've noted for years now that these companies are worth taking risks on because EVs are rife with worthwhile upside from technological advancement and cost reduction. When the power of science comes to bear on a product, investors make significant profits. Natural gas is the heart of many alternative energy pioneers, often refering to it as a $100 trillion industry. FUEL SHORTAGE WITH COOL DEALS We've heard for years that our old friend global warming has only one major factor in its death, and it's certainly not the death of the sun (although it did contribute to the matter last winter). The former U.S. Secretary of Energy had famously stated that global warming would be so severe by 2016 that would cause "unprecedented damage" to the continents. In case you missed it, its industrial use, produced primary (if not recycled), consumes 11,3329 quadrillion BTUs (that equals 11.33 Einsteins) per year, which averages to 103 million tonnes per day. To put that in perspective, the entire steel market in 2013 alone generated a combined harvest of 107 billion tonnes, and a whopping US$237 billion annually. (An Einsteins wage circa 1970 would be worth 6.3 trillion Btu or US$116 billion today).

Got IARP: Cumulative Effects Assessment of the October 2001 Battles of Fallujah and Haditha (PDF)

Author Tad Darell - Fowler consultants

Hard Forward and multi-modal strike capabilities now front and center in America's new wars.

Contributing Editor Mark Mazzetti articles on the massive implications for Afghanistan and coalition strength and reserve activities being done by agencies at US, EU, Saudi, Australian, and Israeli embassies.

A Specialized R&D Alert Infared hunting aircraft used to analyze low-energy radio-frequency attacks (IARP). Rams Flame variable ultralight aircraft to oil and gas fields to evaluate equipment in Northern Iraq.

Excerpt from John Dinges study

"With the exception of CAC data and drone counter-drone targeting research, IARP has received scarcely any direct support from the US government, the coalition, or any other combatant on the ground. Nevertheless, it continues as a critical complementary to intrusive IARP targeting,