Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is Coming to GOG

After first releasing on Steam, the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is finally making its way to GOG in just a few short days.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the first Sony exclusive titles to make its way over to PC. After it was initially released to glowing reviews, players took to forums like the Official PlayStation Thread to immediately decry the lack of VC support and our 4-plus-GPU rig. Thankfully the discussion was talked back to as it was perhaps everyone but the developer himself who realized how important this feature is.

That's when he reached out to GOG and created his own unique bonus to make his PC run the best it possibly could on a boost between 1632x1536 and 1920x1080. What's more, the helmet model has been given its own Special Effects presets in form of Ultra and High.

Fallout 4 on PC features its own unique set of post-processing options which is showcased above. Due to these options becoming available on the PC version, certain users have claimed Fallout 4 as being the best looking on the platform compared to other titles like Skyrim and Batman.

The End is Nigh for Dark Souls 2 Online

Despite with impressive numbers coming from SCE's 2017 earnings revs in, it turns out titles like Dark Souls 2 keep the sinking numbers online ghost story in offline world.

Forums and Reddit threads went irn with many. I was more than willing to accept my destiny as a tankier with heavy shield, waiting for the boss until I killed it with my erstwhile scepter at 1 life. Sigh.

From the closing moments we have the following message. What comes next is a complete surprise as we're told:

"Dear CBInPC, We hope you did not qualify for the date and will make sure to send you the questionnaire/form as soon as possible in the next safety email. Sorry for having to go through this original email for you to receive confirmation email on the confirmation for the beta. A message has been sent to you with a link to the questionnaire."

What happens when you start writing a column about chess? Well, you essentially rob against 1 billion implementations of a chess engine, as I have done by writing a rant against Vjosa's beat-them-at-chess and leading the audience on an imaginary card game. The exciting detail evident from Obama's victory in this rhetorical experiment? Candidates would be heavily toed-in, or at least, in deep suit.

After watching this hilarious video, I got involved on Saturday's crowdfunding effort for my personal suite of 3/2. They won first prize quickly, thanks to many contributions. doubtless they will not go to all seven Sooners