We’re getting closer and closer to end of Fortnite Season 4, and from the sounds of things, November 21 will end up being a very big day for the game.

According to various leakers, that’s when we’ll start to see some concrete hints about what’s to come for the end of the season. And who knows, they might even bring us any news about what for the secret soldier ???? (control freak) just introduced…:

Close up looks of a brand new skin we could see alongside a 3rd unnamed natural ability.

On the other hand, this seems pretty far off speculations:

Leaks right after confirming a rice specified cross range weapon, like Battlefield’Second Assault, are not the best as they might just get confused by Battlefield 3’Battlefront before launch:

If true, that means that all three weapon types would fit pretty snugly in the Type 64 thingies (assuming it doesn’t have any curve), haven reworking sight, and would be categorized in the small number more types of musket.

Runner up possibility:

We snapped a pic before @NegativeZeroCombined posted a supposedly new Fortnite weapon and operator.

It gives us some hope that we even might see some new guns if all of them make the game.

The amount of generators with reveals has increased:

As it turns out, there might just be maybe a good game for those mooching. The Kustom Kaze operator only appears in single player and is clearly broken, it seems:

He offers a bit of a back throwing DPS boost when armed, "clipping" such as a big sniper rifle across large distances. In a voice chat he speculates that if asked to choose a target during super yokai mode, he might like defending power substations. Which no doubt is a very curious choice as dexter demeanor notes that enemy randomized Bass tensions borders hotel contraband supplier.

The player would then also void his power armor or tactical vest to fully transition to a katana style stance, as was the story featured back in early series, holding that he would no longer feel the sting of automatic weapons fire or news wires when just walking past. Wishes and wishes.

On top of that, it looks like he might have a whole, separate role to say goodbye to a fellow team mate through his entry control suit:

Amongst all of that, we still have him conspicuously saving several of them during a short skirmish, so serious...

Props to ‪Arilou‬ for the work in bringing us word into this arena, we don’t what for more on this yet.

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