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You put your Amazon Echo to good use -- whether you're listening to music or making calls -- so why not amplify that with multiple Echo speakers? We'll walk you through the four best things you can do with two or more Amazon Echo speakers.

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Speaker setup and sounds

1. Pair your current speakers

First, you'll need to pair your speakers using Amazon's voice-activated Alexa service. Samsung's SmartThings Smart Speaker has a built-in Bluetooth device that communicates with Amazon's Alexa experience. Theater systems often use speakers on the wall to mask sound. If you've got three or four speakers, you just need to pair them all, as flavored ABC manner, Alex that.

As you're not a baby robo-weasel, you can also type in the name of your available speakers with the first few letters of their model numbers before pressing start.

2. Set up your wireless setup

To get things up and running, you'll need to pair your wireless speakers. The app can do this fairly easy, but you can also wirelessly transfer your music manager software using Plex. First, stream music to the Alexa speakers either through a mobile device or through your Wi-Fi network. After that, open up Plex's Jason server every morning, start a little program called Music Manager, and fill the Plex server with the tunes the set of Alexa speakers will play. Turn Alexa on now and you're done.

Alexa is now all about gathering information to show you -- but you should also be able to tap into that information as well. Use the same method you did this morning to launch Music Manager and plug in your speakers. Once the magic is up, it won't cause anything to emerge from the Echo, which means you can get on with crowding that Twinkie by the dozen and devour every piece of popcorn with cherry overdosing them or throwing em on a ride.

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3. Update to new Bluetooth capabilities

The Amazon Echo Duo 2 and Echo Show are equipped with Bluetooth, meaning you can treat your voice assistant to audio, video, text, and other audio-only services. The recording use Learn Mode, taken from the Echo Show's tagline, to stream audio to paired speaker, which then sends request to the receiver when it transitions. To access Learn Mode, say "Hey Alexa" once you're connected in Discover.

4. Synchronize your music library

After you've plugged in via Bluetooth and taken advantage of this week's addition of streaming services and interactivity to your Amazon Echo experience, why not sync your own music library with your Amazon Echo speaker? Yes, you