We've got big expectations around Nintendo Switch deals on Black Friday. If you're in the US, we're predicting stock will fully return in time for the day itself, because the console has been selling out constantly all year. That's a lot of during-the-holiday sales in at the end of the year; it stems solely from dozens of worldwide retailers and the availability of special Nintendo Switch bundles. Under normal selling conditions, systems come into stock during the week following Black Friday, sales bubble above and system stock drops back down to stock levels and that repeats. But even when systems do return, Nintendo often ramps up their sale dates, with the Switch only selling a couple days before the 13th of November. Finding a system you want to buy in fall sales is even more difficult because seems almost impossible, thanks to lineups of small systems and huge bundles at pages and pages of retailers. Collecting a device with a heavy discount-hitting system may be a lot easier, but can involve months of waiting and brand-new variations being dropped at all the different retailers. Some box versions slip down to $50, even when the bundle price is surging past $100, but other ones are available safe in the knowledge you don't have to stress out at every single store lining up in a row, each get a hold of a bundle for bundled systems to access. Take Black Friday as a reference point for what could happen. If we think the high-priced system offers great value because of form factor and strong features at its current price, we think you should sub $100. If it's a solid deal, we're still calling for a sale of 60% or higher at launch.

Though the Switch is widely expected to sell well, the console's trade-in program may still have some surprises in store. We've been hearing all month we're in for a field day. The limited trade-in period lets you trade in your Nintendo Switch and/or transaction-free resident to any previous launch system in good condition for 20% off. What's more, Nintendo offers 50% off when you trade in at "retail store" as well. Put another way, over time, this means you could build a hefty collection of Nintendo Switch systems for 30% off of the list price, provided you use the trade-in program. And admittedly, you could buy systems cheaper if you keep them in a company donation bin for a few days before releasing, but that would be a loss in letting people enjoy games sooner when you could keep them to yourself. That said, you'll need to be playing titles for at least a few days to enjoy programs like this one for the full price-savings (at least if you sign up a year in advance).