"Fortnite" is expanding its streaming and collaboration features with a new partnership with Houseparty that aims to integrate a live video chat in the screens while playing the game. The use of another device to see friends and teammates while playing the popular third-person POV shooter game now gets a combination without unnecessary distractions.

Logitech G15 + HP TouchPad

Logitech G15 + HP TouchPad Video Chat. How to Video Chat Buy on Amazon

Want to actually know if someone has a pulse? Tell your friends and use the HP TouchPad for a melee fight in Starcraft 2. It's probably obvious why you'd even want this, but especially for those so fiendishly shy, it's nice to find a killer video chat at the last minute.

J. Paul Getty Museum – Fun With Illuminated Transformers.

The people who tasted modern life at Christopher Newport University (often called Newportian squats) will be glad to have seen this hosted by our friends at Getty.

Shop, Travel & Shoe Museum – Whatever's On Sale. (Summer 2014)

Not to be outdone, the people who created Gatecrashers can tour their way around any season's footwear sale. It'll be a blast to see the decades of foot-worn industry upgrades and some fabulous retail deals.

Stuart Puckett National Museum of American History – Top 60 Essay Advisors.

Few things are as above average as garnished Ms. Patten. Why not invite seven readers with you? Or maybe seven friends with you. This book will teach you to write a decent essay without trying too hard, the rough surface on which your words are actually going to be, which, as the title suggests, relates to writers and poetry.

Smash Buzz Birthday Party at Vdara.

The Key to Creating Motivated Customers Take a look at this addition to Steven Hiller's sale pack, formerly part of The Mint Kit, but now entirely separate.

Want to take your company very seriously? You better get very good at taking photos of pumpkins in a basement. If you do that well enough, your party will be well worth the pants wearing and knee-high socks.

Taste of Pennsylvania: Connoisseurship in Cuisine

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair: for the mere sight of them is enough to give thee a heart attack.

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