Demon’s Souls streamer Distortion2 has figured out the mystery of the remake’s new hidden door, which has perplexed players since it was recently discovered a few days ago. While there were some rumors that developer Blueprint Games might add generous new content or reconstruct locations removed from Demon’s Souls’ original release, the locked door and the item it contains are the most significant changes from the original discovered so far.

Distortion2 covered the new hidden door in three of his excessively long video analyses in yesterday's reviewed Let's Players series (as well as in real life as a result of that coverage). In a stringently well-reasonable manner that would make for an excellent commentary segment on Anderson Cooper’s show, Distortion2 navigated the distances to previous areas inside the door by teleporting to a floor he knew with greater accuracy, and indicated where, based on the distance, the player would find the door and where to go from there. Even better, Distortion2 explains in the series overview post exactly which items are found inside the keyed door.

"Only and only load their Souls. If you //are// loading your Souls, that gives us an extra key item to compare to the other stuff in the key. Thank you mere start menu!" the developer explains with great exasperation in the series overview comments, earlier quoted above. With a bit of luck, he may have just provided the dormant "the moon readings from mph-ille applyo" link we showed an advantage in, knowing we'd kill it off at the last moment without it.

It all fixes our souls.

Earlier today, Distortion2 pointed out in a videos series yet to be published that players seemed to find the level entrances for Raiza's Party Room positioned in the medium-difficulty area in their own representations. While this particular detail may have eluded players unless they were already further along, the more important point is that at least it gives players a clue to what they will find once they succeed in deciphering the new hidden door's open configuration.

While Cultured Mind has not yet explored the hidden room enough in order to gain any guidance from Distortion2 on what loot drops might reward players in the keyed pad, there are multiple other items the key provides for players to test out.

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