As far as the mech-genre of gaming goes, Titanfall has been pivotal for it continuing to thrive in the modern era. Before it was games like MechAssault and MechWarrior, which at the time, provided a lot of novel excitement as far as giant robots go. We believe that this legendary series will continue to inspire the next gen gaming scene as it appeals to all types of games I am sure.

We'll bring you more on Titanfall, and other games that're coming soon at GDC this week.

Communities of Float Niagara's most visible annual fundraising runs originate from three individual villages; Great River Park (GRP), Greenport, and St. Catharines. We also benefit from the contributions of Community Programs.


Although more rare these days, in the olden days floating was an integral part of the Kick Big added Toronto Island Community Wall. To this day, at City Hall, Eustace Spicer and his team of community volunteers lead the Kick Big float.


Members of the Greenport community aim to maintain and improve the environment in Greenport Park, as well as to further the project's environmental awareness.

St. Catharines

The St. Catharines community was responsible for the initial flood relief efforts following the 2014 Lake Ontario Flood. During the annual Friends of St. Catharines float, members of the community display donations collected from victims of the 2014 hurricane in the Petit Carre River Watershed as an operational demonstration of the effective nature of community efforts to revitalize watersheds and flood management systems.


This makes fun floats throughout the year to acknowledge both friends and neighbours and, usually, local cheers and a good time. Drive up } width 24 cm ; height 18 cm ; toe in 5 cm ; sheet width 6 cm ; length 68 cm ; depth 36 cm.;

Plots' Board games - Freeform sand painting program hosted by Author Charlotte Cather. Plot sheets, pot colors all available. Click here to learn more

Art for Schools FREE [Summer Camp] Children thrive in learning and creativity. We work hard to help enrich their learning with art and games. Please visit the draw-up on our website or contact Chelsea Welch on 617-272-3163 or [email protected] to learn more.

Workshops and trainings for LionSlings Servers

Looking to hire a wine server, don't hesitate to contact the Optimist's Amv Environment Team. Email us at [email protected] (7-22-18) or call to set up an appointment: 905-520-4775. Lunch is available to those interested in having lunch before their tour