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OnePlus has teamed up with upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 to create a version of the OnePlus 8T that looks like it's been pulled straight from the game. The special-edition handset will be available in limited numbers and will only be on sale in mainland China, so we were super excited to get hold of a model to unwrap and photograph ourselves.

Many would argue otherwise but I'm not against the idea of getting more inside information when it comes to a phone launch. OnePlus and CNET's Sean Hollister decided to earn a bit of extra cash by trying to follow the adventures of Henry on the desktop, so I spent a few hours hanging out and enjoying the company of 2K Games' designers.

The result? We got in some time with several iterations of the OnePlus 8T, including an alternate coloring version, and I've got good news -- it's all awesome.

The cut-scenes were equally entertaining and added plenty of new gags, even if they are pretty basic-sounding. At one point, a young compatriot with a special backpack asks Henry to sell him a bag. As a result, the man redecorates his desk to look like a futuristic warrior. Look closely and you'll see he's laser cutting holes in his walls.

It looks like that backpack will be the one Philip Kollar lost when he visited Henry one night and they wound up really going at it.

If you'd rather check out the design here, head to OnePlus' website for pre-order options. Price ranges start from $330 for the base-level model to ridiculous amounts for up to $975 for an aluminum lime wooden case with several vibrant cherry and pastel woods. Each one is going to have its own picture, notebook input that lets draft some text or draw a character on the wall, and 15GB of storage -- a doubling of the OnePlus 7's 16GB, and a distribution face cleaner for online friends and things.

The unique OnePlus 8T special edition phone is hitting store shelves in China on Nov. 14. Not everything's final yet, but the first batch should start showing up in the US and EU this week.

If that phone isn't the one for you and your work duty suffers from challenging, challenging games, CNET is with you. You can pre-order the OnePlus 8T over at Best Buy from Nov. 13-15 or here at OnePlus' website starting June 10.

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