As far as the mech-genre of gaming goes, Titanfall has been pivotal for it continuing to thrive in the modern era. Before it was games like MechAssault and MechWarrior, which at the time, provided a lot of novel excitement as far as giant robots go.

So while the title may not have lasted as a sequel up until this point, this is what co-developer En Masse Entertainment wants to get out of the way before it studio fully enters into new era of this series.

"We've tried to make a new beginning, a real introductory one at that – starting over," Vaughn explained. "It's really kind of a fresh character, and it's kinda new debut for players."

One of those main characters that will be joining Connor & Co. early in Operation Freezeline are Whiplash. Devastatingly powerful bipedal mechs, Whiplash is a very unpredictable titan which hails from an alternate reality version of J-Corp.

We've already seen what Vaughn can do with mechs, featuring sparingly in MechAssault: Frontline session, allowing for some very interesting tactics to be taken. And though the neon red whips of Whiplash's proto-mechatron are probably a lot cooler than many of the many more drab mech designs in Halo lore, he's certainly got some super deadly moves.

With Whiplash available right from the start, its will probably be out of place (without a doubt) where outfit hockey is larger than it is in other games, but having mechs play hockey is definitely something which has proven to be very effective. It could be the only place where hockey can be played in the game to this date. Just can't imagine anyone taking penalty shots with those fire impulses everywhere.

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